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One of the partner, however, is a Chatbot, while the other is a human.

It is the task to find out on what end the computeroperates.

The Chatbot is supposed to be programmed to convince you that he is a real person. According to Turing, if it is not possible to detect in the conversation with an invisible opposite whether the opposite is a human or a machine than one needs to assign a spirit to the opposite even if the opposite is a machine.

Even though you probably never heard of this specific test, you constantly use the The research of Artificial Intelligence itself is until today still not clear on what intelligence really is or how it is to be defined.

Messaging-platforms have become more and more important.

A few platforms, billions of users with millions of integrated services.

If the Chatbot is able to match one or more keywords with its dataset, the predefined response will show as output.With the development of Eliza, a race for human Chatbots has started.Numerous developers challenged each other to create more and more intelligent, “human-like” Chatbots.Sam Mandel, CEO of the company behind the weather forecasting C(h)atbot dreams of a Chatbot that people use more than just for getting information on whether to take their umbrellas or sun blocker when leaving the house.Mandel can be quoted: “Our goal is to make it the first bot you want to be friends with.” That future version is supposed to react like a human-being. But why do Chatbots experience an overwhelming hype just now?

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