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The removal of wolves enabled the expansion of the coyote.

For thousands of years, coyotes were restricted to the American West in part because of competition with wolves.

Koontz follows with a series of yips from his own caller. …Their core area is usually gonna be in a thick, dense spot, abundant in small game to where they don’t have to fight for food.She watched her flock of eight guinea fowl walking toward her house at dusk with a coyote following them.“That animal didn’t care that I was there at all,” she says. It’s not that the population as a whole does this, but some individuals specialize in it.” The coyote hunters have their own opinions about the eating habits of coyotes, owing to years of observation of their behavior and picking apart their scat.It’s one of their favorite food groups, the red fox.They don’t mess with gray fox too much because they can’t catch them.

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