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The cats have no need for food, water or litter box while traveling.Get the cage as soon as possible and leave it out for them to explore.Cats don't like surprises and will still complain, a lot, but getting them used to it helps.I haven't figured out exactly what to do yet, though was contemplating the big enclosure for the car and then transfer them to small carriers to get them into the hotel (do this with the car doors closed and no path to escape). All three were indoor cats who had never been outside before. I traveled 4 hour with two cats and prepared for weeks if not months. The cats will require acclimation to driving over a course of weeks if not months.They got them harnesses and leashes so the cats could wander about the back seat inside of being cramped into a cat carrier and were able to take the on walks whenever they stopped. The cats will require a visit to the vet for up to date vaccinations. In my case I had a very long and detailed relationship with the vet and acquired medicine to sedate the one cat.

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