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Tony, who had worked in the Kingdom for almost 25 years, had been an active member of Saudi Arabia's underground church and although unconfirmed, most who knew him, believe he was gunned down for his impassioned but indiscreet efforts to spread the Christian faith within Saudi Arabia.On 15 September, Edward Muirhead-Smith, a British man working for Marconi , was shot to death in his car outside a supermarket in Riyadh.They breached the compound's outer wall and fought their way into the complex killing four security guards and five staff, [45] taking 18 staff and visa applicants hostage.Saudi security forces stormed the building, killing three attackers, and then proceeded to wound and arrest two others.Among the killed were a Yemeni , a Sudanese , a Filipino , a Pakistani and a Sri Lankan —all employees of the consulate. Though damage to each building was incurred, the attacks did not result in large-scale casualties, and was the last significant attack of the insurgency. Many militants were captured and several killed, many by American forces in Iraq.Saudi security forces and Al-Qaeda cell members waged a three-day gunfight starting 3 April in the town of Al-Ras in the Qassim region.One victim was tied to a car and dragged through the street.

Both cars exploded when fired upon by guards, killing the two bombers and two guards.The bomb was placed underneath his vehicle and detonated as it approached a traffic signal.Although the driver and his three passengers were injured, all survived the attack.According to witnesses, they separated Christian and Muslim workers they found and shot the Christians.Of those killed, 19 were foreign civilians, three were Saudis.

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On 1 May a Saudi dressed in Saudi naval uniform penetrated an American base and killed an American before getting away unhurt.

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