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In other words, many of the counties that experienced large increases may not have had very many Asian Americans in their counties to begin with.

Data from the 1997-1998 State and Metropolitan Area Data Book, published by the Census Bureau, show that almost 66% of all Asian Americans live in just five states: California (12.1% of the state population), New York (5.6%), Hawai'i (63.6%), Texas (2.9%), and Illinois (3.4%).

However, in many of the most dynamic and important states and metropolitan areas, our numbers show that we are a vital and integral part of that population, culturally, economically, and politically.She is quick to respond and gives, gives, gives to her clients.She is one of those rare birds who undersells and over delivers.Results from the 2000 Census have given us a detailed picture at how the population of the U. has changed in the past few decades, especially in regards to Asian Americans. It shows that in terms of proportion to the total U. population, the Black population has stayed relatively stable and is likely to continue doing so. population who are White is expected to decrease each decade and in 2050, no racial/ethnic group will have be a majority, including Whites for the first time in U. The numbers within the Asian American population show that we are not all alike.For a very nice interactive report of Census 2000 general demographics for each of the 50 states from USA Today, click here. One of their graphics is presented below and it shows the racial/ethnic proportion of the U. The groups that are experiencing the highest growth are Hispanics/Latinos and Asian Americans. This diversity among Asian Americans shows up when we look at the sizes of the different ethnic groups within the overall Asian American population.

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