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(Letter to Reinhardt Kleiner, 16 November 1916) The Lovecrafts lived here from 1893 through 1904, when Howard’s grandfather, Whipple Phillips, died.

Lovecraft loved this building and hoped to someday have enough personal wealth to acquire it. Slater Avenue Grammar School, 200 University Avenue (Map) It was in 1898 that I first attempted to attend school....

I entered the highest grade of primary school, but soon found the instruction quite useless, since I had picked up most of the material before.

However, I do not regret the venture, since it was in dear old Slater Avenue (alas—to be abandoned next year!

) that I made my only childhood friendship—that with Chester & Harold Munroe...

In 1902 I again attempted school; & singularly enough, I went to the same old Slater Avenue edifice, which had now acquired a grammar department in addition to the primary grades.

Whipple, who burnt His majesty’s schooner Gaspee in 1772—had voted in the legislature on May 4, 1776, for the independence of the Rhode-Island Colony.(Letter to Reinhardt Kleiner, 16 November 1916) The site of the Slater Avenue Grammar School is now occupied by “School One.”Butler Hospital, 345 Blackstone Boulevard (Map) This hospital opened in 1847 as the result of a grant from Nicholas Brown, one of the wealthy Brown brothers.Lovecraft’s father, Winfield, was admitted here in 1893 and remained until his death from “general paresis” (neurosyphilis) on 19 July 1898.Securing temporary quarters for himself and his wife at the newly opened Golden Ball Inn, he arranged for the building of a new and finer house in Westminster Street, in the growing part of the town across the Great Bridge. I took Loveman there at midnight, & when we got separated among the tombs he couldn’t be quite sure whether a faint luminosity bobbing above a distant nameless grave was my electric torch or a corpse-light of less describable origin! Paul Cook & me, & had an odd, unaccountable dislike of a certain unplaceable, deliberate scratching which recurred at intervals around 3 a.m. Last August I shewed this place to two guests, & we all sat down on an altar-tomb & wrote rhymed acrostics on the name of Edgar Allan Poe...There, in 1785, his son Dutee was born; and there the family dwelt till the encroachments of commerce drove them back across the river and over the hill to Angell Street, in the newer East Side residence district, where the late Archer Harris built his sumptuous but hideous French-roofed mansion in 1876. (Letter to Frank Utpatel, 15 February 1937) King’s church was founded in 1723, however, the present edifice was erected in 1809.

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