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When he was a professional coach painter, Campbell used to swear by a traditional brushing topcoat that's no longer readily available, but now he insists that the HMG system is even better." The school's Crossley SD42, one of a range of models built between 19, is finished in the Southport Corporation livery of Ayres Red and Ivory.

Painstakingly restored by us to concourse standard over a four year period, C4 is a truly unique vehicle that is now available to hire.

He took them on 24 June 2013 on a farm in the French Mayenne region near Caen.

They show RT2180 (KGU 109) in a rather sorry state.

This looks to be an 'off the shelf' ECW-bodied dual-entrance Bristol L5G at first sight. M-12-09 seems to have been converted into some kind of service vehicle.

I have what purports to be a list of the entire Bristol L production run, and it doesn't mention anything about Macau. Anyway I'm sure it won't be long before someone writes in with details of the Macau Bristols.

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He said; "Just seen the Macau pics - I think they are ex UK buses. Terry Partridge sent me the definitive information in July 2012, based on records published in Mike Davis's book "Far East Buses - Volume 1, Macau, The British Bus Years".

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