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There are 1332 items in this version of the glossary, dated November 27, 2005. Contexts: econometrics; estimation 3SLS: A kind of simultaneous equations estimation. First proposed by Zellner and Theil, Econometrica, 1962, pp 54-78. " or "we had to assume something, and we assumed this, without evidence." The writer is also implying "I do not cite evidence here because I do not know it or do not wish to discuss it." I do not know why they do not say this in English.

2SLS: an abbreviation for two stage least squares, an instrumental variables estimation technique.

If T falls in the rejection region, the null hypothesis is rejected.

The terms 'acceptance region' and 'rejection region' may also refer to the subsets of the sample space that would produce statistics T in the acceptance region or rejection region as defined above. Martin, D16 readings book Contexts: labor; macro adapted: The stochastic process and information sets are adapted if is a martingale difference sequence with respect to .

This editor is advised that there is some mathematical difference.

Source: Milgrom and Weber, Econometrica, 1982, p 1096.

In other words a partial explanation for R&D investments by firms is to work around the absorptive capacity constraint. Contexts: phrases accelerator principle: That it is the growth of output that induces continuing net investment.

Contexts: probability; statistics; econometrics alternative hypothesis: "The hypothesis that the restriction or set of restrictions to be tested does NOT hold." Often denoted H.Contexts: auctions; micro theory; modelling affine: adjective, describing a function with a constant slope.Distinguished from linear which sometimes is meant to imply that the function has no constant term; that it is zero when the independent variables are zero.If such limits exist they provide one explanation for firms to develop internal R&D capacities. Contexts: IO; organizations; theory of the firm abstracting from: a phrase that generally means "leaving out".R&D departments can not only conduct development along lines they are already familiar with, but they have formal training and external professional connections that make it possible for them to evaluate and incorporate externally generated technical knowledge into the firm better than others in the firm can. A model abstracts from some elements of the real world in its demonstration of some specific force.

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