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I thought I was different, I thought he loved me but after almost 4 yrs of a roller coaster ride I had enough.It's not worth it, they hardly ever leave the wife/partner for the OW. Please have the strength and courage to cut contact and walk away..I let him flit home to see them for all the big birthdays, Christmas etc and we decided to bring the boat home to the UK where we would live together.It's been a year now since we came back and he is still living with the wife in the family home and still saying he isn't ready to leave....I wish you much strength to do what is best for you. Take care, Sunshine The only way it MIGHT work out is if he's already taking the steps to leave the marriage.Otherwise you're setting yourself up for longing, heartbreak & frustration. All this time has gone by & you're not any closer to your goal.There will always be an excuse as to why he can't leave or isn't ready to yet...especially if he knows that he has you waiting for him. It's best to cut your losses & walk away...unless you're perfectly fine with always being #2, missing out on holidays, family events..typical things real couples get to enjoy together.If he TRULY loves you he will figure something out & do what it takes to keep you in his life & fully commit to you. He told me originally he wasn't married then I found out on Facebook he was. Times gone on and he always said he doesn't share a bed with his wife .

If your relationship doesn’t work out how would you feel about going back and asking your boss for a reference?But same time maybe do little things for him that's u usually don't do out of the ordinary and if still does nothing than leave, and that way u can also have a clear Conscience. But now when I try to txt them unlike b4 they kind of just give short answers.But same time to I know I have been annoying to them txting them every second day cause I love her and to the world she is a person, to me she is my world.But now cause we are separate and we have 2 kids I willing do whatever it takes to get her back and change whatever I need.Now maybe you should do the same with your man and he might realise wat he is missing out on and he will soon realise that the grass isn't greener on the other side. I have spoken to her sister and her friends and they all say that this isn't her and it's not like I'm saying this cause it's my side of the story I have the facts from txt messages and I have told and shown her sister and friends and they all say that it isn't her.

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The answer is contained in the following two words; “female companionship” (if you don’t know what this traditional term means I suggest that you look it up).

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