Dangers of internet dating for teenagers

Many children will happily give away a great deal of personal information about themselves or others on online chat rooms.

Parents should be aware of this threat and prevent it by warning their children about the dangers.

One method is to use software that prevents children using the web at certain times.

You will also want certain personal information safeguarded.

Sexual predators, cyber bullies, online scams and obscene websites all lurk on the internet chat rooms. When Children are communicating with strangers, whom they believe to be the same age as themselves, very often find that the other person may suddenly change their behaviour by expressing lewd and inappropriate language.

The fear of unknown hazards is an increasing worry.

Parents should advise their children and explain the dangers by following these recommendations: The main answer to chat room safety is to provide software that monitors the activity.

Some children may have no fear of online dangers or concerns about chat safety.

As children become more knowledgeable and skilled with computers parents are increasingly concerned that they are not keeping up with the technology and inadequate at policing the situation.

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Although some software can be a useful tool some children may be able to disable it, so parents need to police the situation as well.

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