Dating a divorced man who was cheated on

Girls have always been told, "once a cheater, always a cheater" and although this is not always true, it does seem to be more accurate than we like to admit.

In my opinion, disappearing on random business trips and not answering phone calls sounds a little shady and I would go with your gut; however, before you label him a cheater, a confrontation is a must.

I feel like they're doing it on purpose, however they're just kids! That being said, you do not need to sit back and let them constantly taunt you; let your new boyfriend know you're having trouble getting to know his kids.

That way you do not seem like you are tattling on them and he may pay closer attention to whats going on.

Though divorce is tough and an experience people would prefer to avoid, by looking on the positive side he will hopefully switch from pitying himself to seeing the many opportunities he now has.

He constantly tells me how unhappy he is in the marriage and I can understand his point of view.I'm assuming that, although you are not as close with your mom, you do not want to have a riff with her.This way, regardless of how this plays out for your parents, you are not causing a divide in your family and ruining many precious relationships.Tell him how you feel, explain that, when he leaves and constantly ignores your calls, you can't help but assume the worst.Though you cannot know for sure, hopefully your honesty with him will earn you an honest answer in return.

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