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The Rule amendments will change the format and content of the divorce/dissolution petition to align it with an online system being piloted in Nottingham.The divorce petition (Form D8—application form for divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership) and the answer (Form D8B—answer to any application for divorce or dissolution) have now been amended to include a statement of truth.The pilot was reported as achieving its aim of introducing a more streamlined process and reducing delays experienced by court users caused by the need to transfer divorce files between courts to deal with financial matters.

A final decree of divorce ends the marriage relationship as of the date of the decree.In their judgment, the Court of Appeal made the following remarks: It is clear the Court of Appeal was very unhappy with the predicament the current law leaves Mrs Owens in, and that their only reassurance was the availability to Mrs Owens of filing a five-year separation petition in February 2020.However, despite the clear dissatisfaction with the law, this is still the legal position we find ourselves in, almost 50 years since the legislation was enacted.However, when combined with the changes to the divorce petition and particularly the removal of reference to potential financial claims in the divorce petition, they also reflect the long-established practice that the divorce proceedings should be separate to any financial proceedings and one should not impact upon the other.This is a positive change and reflects the mindset of most, if not all, family law practitioners These changes are all positive and important steps in the right direction.

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