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But my note to him was that the video should not be too “cartoony” – it should be more or less an animated version of what the video would have looked like if we had shot it in live action.

(And before you ask, no, it wasn’t ever in our budget to shoot an 11-minute live-action music video.) Anyway, if we were doing the video in live action, I would almost certainly be playing a character, not “Weird Al” – and therefore I instructed Doug to give the guy a more generic hairstyle. Right – of course, that’s Donny Osmond dancing behind me (playing “Krayzie Bone” to My “Chamillionaire”)…

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You should be aware there is some cartoon violence and a little bit of what some people might call “adult themes.” But there’s no harsh profanity, and nothing that I think you would find terribly offensive.

Other information: Background Ken Cheveldayoff was most recently Minister of Parks, Culture, Sport and Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission (2016–2017) and was previously Minister of Crown Corporations (2007–2009), Minister of Enterprise (2009–2010), Minister of First Nations and Métis Relations (2010–2012), Minister of Environment, Responsible for Sask Water and the Water Security Agency (2012–2014), Government House Leader (2014–2016).

He was first elected as the MLA for Saskatoon Silver Springs (2003–2016) and is currently the MLA for Saskatoon Willowgrove (2016–present) Other information: Background Alanna Koch has served as Deputy Minister to the Premier (2016–2017) and Deputy Minister of Agriculture (2007–2016).

I would have included that video if I could have, but to do so would have meant delaying the release of “Straight Outta Lynwood” by a couple months, and obviously I wanted to get the album out as soon as possible (before the parodies got too dated).

Of course, the video is available on i Tunes (in fact, it was the #1 best-selling music video for a couple months!

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He was previously Minister of Advanced Education (2015–2016).

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