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Being a life coach is about empowering others in making the most of their lives and reaching the goals that they want to reach.

Life coaching is an interesting and rewarding job and no two days will be exactly the same!

They aren't just there to tell you what to do, but they help you meet your real self.

I encourage you to make your own #talktome conversation with your children.

15% of teenagers report having been hit, thrown down or attacked with a weapon by a dating partner.

25% of 8th and 9th graders report having been a victim of nonsexual dating violence; 8% a victim of sexual dating violence.(Enter districts plan to address teen dating violence.) - (Include policies against teen dating violence.) (Enter specific how-tos for staff to implement SHAPP plan) (Enter here and on following slide(s))(Enter districts plan to evaluate teen dating violence prevention plan) (Enter specific role of staff to evaluate the plan, include as many step-by-step how-tos as possible) (Enter here and on following slide(s))Dating and Violence Should Never Be a Couple: National Center for Victims of Crime; Teen Victim Project:

Special Report Intimate Partner Violence and Age of Victim, 1993-1999.

Are you frustrated because the people you're attracted to never want a relationship, and the ones who do want a relationship you're not attracted to?

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When it comes to dating, we usually feel our criteria is totally justified!

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