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Waiting a few weeks will allow you to see more, and if all looks good at 8 weeks you will be reassured to know the chance of miscarriage is very low.If you are unsure of dates or have an irregular menstrual cycle you may wish to wait 2 weeks from a positive pregnancy test to be sure of seeing signs of a pregnancy.You may be advised to have a further scan to enable a diagnosis to be made in approximately 1-2 weeks, you may wish to return to Premier Scans for this however the early pregnancy scan fee applies (£65) or you may wish to discuss the scan findings with your GP/midwife.If an abnormality is detected or suspected on your scan the Sonographer will discuss this with you.

A full detailed report will be provided explaining the scan results.

These dates are calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP), not the day of conception.

Before 5 weeks it is not possible to see any signs of a pregnancy with current ultrasound technology.

The clinic was founded by midwife Joanne Proud in 2010 after cutbacks to NHS funding for antenatal services.

Women and their families now visit Miracle in Progress from all over the country as they have become recognised as a clinic of excellence.

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