Dating someone with brain injury

It's getting to hear Tony say anything and watch his beautiful brown eyes try to read. And it's seeing him at his happiest when pedaling on his bike. But despite all of that, I constantly work to love him through this.

He's NOT the man I married, and he doesn't love me like he used to because, well, he doesn't remember that he did love me once.

I was sprinting down the tarmac to catch my plane, the captain and a flight attendant waving me to hurry up.

But then I stopped running, as though I slammed into an invisible wall.

After our lengthy honeymoon in Spain, we settled down in Jacksonville, FL, where we raised three beautiful girls. My legs had gone to putty, and I had the hardest time standing up, but I forced myself to get to the hospital.

When I made it after what felt like an eternity, I waited to hear my husband's diagnosis.

She/he may claim that you are irritable more often, losing your temper or being impulsive.

I couldn't force myself to take one more step in that direction, so I turned around and ran back into the airport to call my sister.

The next day, back in Lemoore, we all went to a Navy picnic.

The neurosurgeon took me to a waiting room and told me, "Mrs. He will never wake up, walk or talk again."He suggested I take Tony off of the ventilator, but I wouldn't.

To every medical professional telling me he'd never get better, I responded, "I'm taking him home, and if all he can do is crawl, I will crawl with him." Every day the nurses watched me in shock as I fought for my husband's life.

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Although he still has trouble with words, he's back to doing what he loves most: riding his bike.

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