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Ladies notice the details, so from your shoes to your shirt to your facial hair, if you botch something major (read: wearing flip flops to dinner), you risk looking like a crackhead who doesn't value the fact that a woman gave up her time to hang out with you. If you're taking the casual route, nice fitting jeans in a dark wash, a clean pair of boots (Clark's or Frye boots are always winners), and a sweater or button-down shirt will suffice.Avoid getting written off immediately, and check out our tips for first date attire that will score you points. Don't be afraid to leave the shirt untucked, if you feel more comfortable that way. Then, for personality, throw on a pair of cool patterned socks under your boots -- this is totally something your date will notice.After many hours of research I was exhausted by the idea of Online Dating, it just seemed more hassle than what it was worth, but I was determined to see it through.A lot of websites that I researched were either free or had rock bottom membership fees, and I found that these were the worst to go to, bar a few exceptions.Weight or body type is often an important part of one's matching criteria.It is also something that people don't easily change their minds on.Fat people can make friends with their reflections.When they catch their reflections in the mirror or a window every time, they can affirm to themselves: "I am beautiful." If fat singles keep this practice going, not only will they believe it, but they will exude it.

What you wear on a day-to-day basis might not be your number one priority.

Cool and Casual When choosing your first date attire, you need to consider where you are going. You'll look stylish and confident, without making it seem as if you put in too much effort.

There are many fat people in the world, most of the people of all shapes and sizes fall in love prefer to look for thin and beautiful singles.

Putting thought into how you present yourself is a wise decision no matter what the situation — a job interview, meeting a friend of a friend, hanging out with a woman for the first time, etc.

We're not saying you have to gawk at how handsome you are in the mirror like some vapid fitness model, but care is necessary. The Color Red Cops love to pull over red cars, and, evidently, women dig guys who wear the color red.

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When fat people enter the dating scene, they are always overwhelmed by feeling unlovable and unattractive to others. Fat people have to accept themselves for the beautiful person they are.

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