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Or cancel - to restore the original values in the row Thank you! Please have in mind that setting editable false to the mode will not allow any changes to the model value.In this scenario, I can suggest setting editable false to the Grid column.

Durante la edición se desplegara al usuario un cuadro de texto en donde podrá cambiar el nombre, pero los países estarán definidos en una lista desplegable desde la cual serán seleccionados. Mediante la propiedad Auto Generate Edit Button se indica que en la grilla estén definidos las opciones de edición, por lo tanto habrá ciertos eventos que será necesario agregar en el código.I know this question has been asked many times but I was unable to find an answer, please help. I need to update a value of the column "Product Name" that is not editable.I need to do it when I change (select) value in the dropdown Category 2.How can I get the 'Binding for Selected Value' options enabled? OR, what would be the Custom binding expression I should use to make it work. Based on the aspx control template you provided, I think it is a quite typical case of inner control databinding and in the VS IDE's design-time interface, you should be able to edit the databinding field(Selected Value property) of the dropdownlist interactively...Anyway, here is a simple Gridview's template I used in my local test project(which uses the North Wind database's Products/Categories tables): ===================================== ' statement.

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