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(o o) ------------o OOo-(_)-o OOo------------ The complete guide to Sega Dreamcast's Seaman Written by Voice Guy Version 1.0 -------------File Contents------------- 1. He was shown as attendant in almost all major scenes involving the gods, but especially at the judgement of the deceased.

Thoth was depicted as a man with the head of an ibis bird, and carried a pen and scrolls upon which he recorded all things.

Hello, Hi, Good,baby,fish,night,goodnight, I love you,bye. Also the word English will also trigger a response. ----------------- Week 1 , Day 3 ----------------- Task 1.

Eventually after saying the words often,gillman will soon speak full sentences.

Later a man named Jean Paul Gasse was the first scientist to to research the Seaman creature, and is in a sense the creature's discoverer. Now wake the squid up by taping on it's shell,get it to eat the mushroomers. The first thing you should do is turn the lights on. Within a few short minutes if the tank is still at optimal level your Seaman Egg should begin to mutate and hatch.

Gasse found himself in an expedition around the area of the Nile River, investigating the biological ecosystem of the river. All of bone fragments shared common characteristics ,they all seemed to have mutated suddenly and over a short period of time in order to adapt to the changing Nile Valley. After the lights are on,turn the heater to 19.9 degrees. You are now ready to add the Seaman Egg from the storage matrix. Now hold X R trigger,while still holding these buttons click the L trigger again. You will now notice that after the egg hatches that little eye ball looking things will emerge from the egg.

Once your Mushroomers get close enough, the Nautilus will come alive,revealing its squid-like form,and begin chasing down and eating your Seamen! About ten to thirteen minutes after the Mushroomer's are eaten,the Gillmen will emerge from the Nautilus. Thoth had turned the man and his lover into a fish creature and a bird. The man became the fish,and his lover became a bird. The priest who at the time was in charge of the construction of the pyrmids,asked Thoth if they were to ever return. ----------------- Week 1 , Day 5 ----------------- Task 1. Here are a few words that the Baby Gillmen will say. Turn the heat up,hmmm warm,whasshapining, ooh I'm a fat boy,bad touch bad touch,stop I'll fart, I'm dizzy quit playing,you suck,don't like you. You say: Talk Gillman says: Don't know what to say. You say: Speak to me Seman Gilman: Help,there I talked. Heat the tank back up to 19.9 c degrees then add a food pellet to the tank. Goh, Hoy, Floy, Quaffa, Camawoo, Darvenga, Conquinne Mar mar mar. ---------------------------- Now the Gillmen will have more pronounced scales an fins.

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Heat the tank back up to 19.9 c degrees then add a food pellet to the tank.

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