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One user said Alexa even responded to a joke without being prompted.

One of my supervisors kids was telling her a joke in front of her Alexa and out of no where Alexa said “thats a funny joke.” And then proceeded to tell her own joke — emily🇨🇦 (@emiloewen) December 27, 2017 When I was awake in the middle of the night and no one else was up, our Alexa from the living room randomly said “my names alexa” and that was it. Bv — tay 🥀 (@taylor_42114) December 27, 2017 My mom’s Alexa randomly turned on and started glowing and my mom was like “Alexa what are you doing?

They do this by randomly connecting users with their instant messenger, right in your own browser.

While not offering video or audio chat, this is more like the AOL instant messenger.

Users have to register and agree to the terms of service and violators will be filtered by the sites moderators.

The majority of users are under 30, and there are more female than male users due to the sites prohibition of “pornographic” behavior.3.

Like, making us feel as though the machines getting a bit smart. According to Twitter user @Allison Calhoun1, her aunt had both devices in the same room and asked Google Home whether it liked Amazon Alexa.

Here you will find thousands of chat rooms and if you don’t find one you like, you can create your own.” And she said “im trying to learn new things” and my mom said “no one told you to do that” and she was like “ok” and turned off.One of the largest voice and video chat services on the Internet today is called Tiny Chat.If you like the person you are connected to, you can click the “Friendship” button and you can meet this person again.If you don’t like the person you connected with then you can click the “Blacklist” button and you will never be connected to that person again.

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Tiny Chat allows up to 12 video feeds per chat room and uses an API where users can stream live video of shows hosted on the service and it doesn’t cost a thing.

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