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Portable recorders meant that recorded video footage could be aired on the early-evening news, since it was no longer necessary to develop film.In 1983, Sony released the first camcorder, the Betacam system, for professional use.Full-size Super-VHS (S-VHS) camcorders were released in 1987, providing an inexpensive way to collect news segments or other videographies.Sony upgraded Video8, releasing the Hi8 in competition with S-VHS.In 2011 Panasonic released a camcorder capable of shooting in 3D, the HDC-SDT750.It is a 2D camcorder which can shoot in HD; 3D is achieved by a detachable conversion lens. The Sony's 3D lens is built in, but it can shoot 2D video.Panasonic launched DVCPRO HD in 2000, expanding the DV codec to support high definition (HD).

The earliest camcorders were tape-based, recording analog signals onto videotape cassettes.That year, Panasonic, RCA and Hitachi began producing camcorders using a full-size VHS cassette with a three-hour capacity.These shoulder-mount camcorders were used by videophiles, industrial videographers and college TV studios.Digital technology emerged with the Sony D1, a device which recorded uncompressed data and required a large amount of bandwidth for its time.In 1992 Ampex introduced DCT, the first digital video format with data compression using the discrete cosine transform algorithm present in most commercial digital video formats.

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In 2006, digital recording became the norm, with tape replaced by storage media such as mini-HD, micro DVD, internal flash memory and SD cards.

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