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THEY TRY TO MAKE YOU THINK THAT THEY HAVE TO VERIFY YOU! There are two types of warranty, a hardware warranty and a software warranty.

Vijayalakshmi alleged deceit, fraud & breach of promise offences against Seeman & urged the Police to take immediate legal action against him. Seeman described the complaint as false & a conspiracy with the ulterior motive of damaging his good name &tarnishing his political image.

She went on to ask if my computer was slow to respond ever. On looking, one error was when I typed my password in wrong. These are creating the errors I mentioned earlier that are being reported to us. You cannot just delete them, you have to disable the link to the file.” She told me that “users have been accessing unsecured websites …. Inside mine there was just about 6 items, adding up to 970kb. This did not deter her, she told me that if this continues my pc will fill up and die.

As Windows computers age they do tend to get slower. It showed a list of events, with errors and warnings. Another was a video driver that does not work in Vista (ATI thing) that always gives an error when I boot up. She did not ask me what was in there (there was Google Chrome, Avast antivirus and a few other things).

XP of Vista) they then went on to tell me more about the problem.

I put in quotes what they said from now on (although it may not be entirely accurate): “Your system is corrupt because your warranty has run out.

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