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Over the years I moved up the ladder, retiring last year as Executive Vice President for Project Development.Unfortunately, the firm was acquired by a competitor and many of the upper echelon positions were eliminated. They gave me an excellent package to just fade away into the sunset.I’d made a small fortune as a mechanical engineer for a major corporation that worked almost exclusively with the Department of Defense.I’d started at the bottom—welder’s apprentice--then was invited to get my degree in engineering once management had recognized my skills.

It made sense that we join a country club once we had moved from New York to our new home in western Virginia.Second, either way I needed to avoid sexual contact with my wife until I was able to sort out the facts of the situation.I wasn’t going to cheat so that left masturbation as my only outlet.I had to pay for my courses, but they reimbursed me for all expenses if I earned a “B” or better. I graduated Cum Laude, making Dean’s List every semester.I had a lot of “on the job” training, first as a welder and later as a machinist before earning relatively big money as an engineer.

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Third, I needed to prove whether the allegations were true or false. I jerked off almost every morning, but especially on those mornings when Ruth had one of her “golf lessons.” I’d never paid much attention in the past, but now I noticed how sexily she would dress on those days.

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