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Named by Joseph Brunner after his childhood home near Mannheim, Germany, the house was completed in 1756.

Designed by William Thornton, Woodlawn was completed in 1805. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints/Photos Div.Georgian Colonial became the rave in New England and the Southern colonies during the 1700's.Stately and symmetrical, these homes imitated the larger, more elaborate Georgian homes which were being built in England.British who settled in the New England colonies built rustic, square homes with details drawn from medieval Europe.The Stanley-Whitman House in Farmington, Connecticut is a remarkably well-preserved example of New England Colonial residential architecture.

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The White House in Washington DC began as a Georgian, and later took on a Federalist flavor as architects added an elliptical portico and other Neoclassical embellishments.

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