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Unlike some of the bigger international dating sites you'll need Swedish to use this one.

may not be as "cool" as Happy Pancake or Tinder but it’s one of the oldest and most well-established dating sites in Sweden (it arrived in the Nordic countries in 2002.) There are plenty of foreigners here alongside Swedes and it's one of the biggest ponds in the Swedish net-dating landscape – though you do need to be aware of fake fish, as scam accounts are common. You can try out a free version but in order to use the best functions you’ll need to fork out some cash.

All profiles are screened before they’re put up on the site. In order to be approved you have to have an annual income of at least 500,000 kronor and assets of at least 3 million.

Founded in 2012 in Sweden, Mindalike has been described as a kind of “exclusive club”, and no wonder. Your credentials and income will then be checked out by the site’s staff.

The registration process is quick and free after which you can take a few tests to help match you with compatible singles in your area.

As the website puts it: “The goal of Elitsinglar is to create a platform with a focus on quality where members can meet a like-minded partner for long-term relationships.” As you may have guessed not just anyone can join.

You have to be over 30 for a start and well-educated to boot.

Matchopolis Matchopolis is a totally free dating website, no upgrades or premium accounts, which means you are on equal footing with almost everyone in the database and have access to the same services.

They offer services to create friendships and relationships, through communities you can join curated to a specific segment of people with similar interests.

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