Intimidating pre game chants

It is tradition for the student sections to turn their backs to the court during player intros. New in 2011, we began using our War Chant for pre-tip off We're always doing something on defense. We get completely silent with our arms raised up like a touchdown signal.

Other schools use news papers/magazines to show their disinterest in the opponent, this is our method! What we're trying to do is be loud and disrupt the opponent's play calling, while intimidating them. When the sign at the bottom of your section is held up, you yell which ever word is on it. On occasion, we also do the same type chant, but with 'Black! If the shot is made, you drop your arms and shout "WHOOSH!

There are many different chants and cheers that are used in other sports, but can also be used to cheer for a soccer team.

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