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Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.t was Trey Parker’s big slab of meat that first attracted Matt Stone.– who takes on the role, leading the cast in a play about the race to the White House.Two opposing presidential party candidates are neck and neck in a battle for the nomination.The only thing that separates the ex-Secretary of State and his populist opponent is an endorsement from a respected ex-president.Populist southern senator Joseph Cantwell (Fahey) is a ‘bigot and a charlatan’, while William Russell, who prides himself on his honesty, is the ‘likable’ liberal candidate, Both try to get the endorsement of the popular outgoing president, who enjoys not telling them which one he’ll lend his support to.

Daniels plays a hitman on a quest for redemption and sacrifice yet is also entrenched in the underworld of human trafficking.

The question of why God allows the innocent to suffer is as old as sin itself.

Thorold eventually becomes associated with a group of new Christians who are committed to thwarting the plans of Macalousso, whom they believe is clearly the predicted figure of the Antichrist.

His evil plans to distribute virtual headsets that will force mankind to decide their allegiance to the Antichrist, or shun him altogether and face immediate execution, is set to happen on the “Messiah’s Day of Wonders”… Thorold finds himself unsure who to trust and what to do, and ultimately his faith is on the line and his eternal destiny at stake.

“Revelation” is an entirely Christian production, released by Cloud Ten Pictures and produced by Peter and Paul Lalonde.

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As he tries to piece together the true meaning of their disappearance, he encounters a nasty conspiracy connected directly to a charismatic world leader who calls himself the Franco Macalousso, or the Messiah (Nick Mancuso).

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