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Even though I love to hear ur opinion, it gives me a perspective on u of how "dumb" some white people really are.. I dislike you because it seems your mind is one track especially on the blk/wht race issue. And not at all am I being "funny" about calling wht ppl dumb, most of you are just un-educated.

That Negro anchorman asked her why is she bringing up this issue about race and relationships.

I feel if both BM/BW take a look at themselves, talk about hurt, and help each other move past this IR issue then maybe, just maybe one day we won't keep having to have this conversation. Bello you hit the nail in the head when you said that this generation of young people are more accepting of interracial dating, because they NEVER went through all of the hardship that older blacks went then2.

I wince when I see two men or two women walking down the street holding hands. And that right there makes all of the difference in the world No everybody does not love each other and what I admire about Ms. She believes in "love" regardless of anything (race, height, class, of weight).

Then it hit me; she’s going to the White House, isn’t she?

Sure enough, Scott is the latest guest of the First Lady’s poetry event to come under fire from the Right.

Like Jill Scott say Black men use to get hung just for looking at a white woman, Emmett Till was killed just for whistling at a white woman.

It use to be against the law for Black and Whites to marry, and that's why a lot blacks still have strong feeling about interracial dating.

And it's understandable I'm glad I got to see this video!Also Marcus I think my generation and the one after megrew up after the hardships of what our parents grandparents and great grands went through.None of our history is hardly taught in school period!!The column did indeed cause a small controversy when it first came out, however, it’s important to look beyond the scandal then and the (manufactured) one now and see that it is actually a very thoughtful piece.If you read past the provocative quote that Drudge tweeted, you’ll see that Scott is actually analyzing the internal conflict she has between being raised to view everyone as equal despite the color of their skin and the subconscious discomfort she feels seeing a successful black man dating a white woman.

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