Lesson plans on dating abuse prevention

” “Domestic Violence” is offered in several different languages, and is one of many listed on the Deliberation Lessons developed by Deliberating in a Democracy, an international program that promotes teaching and learning of democratic principles and the skills of civic discourses among high school teachers and students.

This instructional unit is one of the online resources from the Minnesota Literacy Council’s Curriculum and Lesson Plans web page.

It is a community-based initiative that provides educational tools, information on teen dating abuse, warning signs, and where to get help.s why we're so happy you're here!

We're the force behind Love Is Not Abuse, where you are now.

Educators are welcome to adapt these resources in whole or in part as appropriate for their students’ interests and learning goals.

“Crunching the Numbers on Dating Violence” and “RESPECT—The Data: A Closer Look” are middle- and high-school lesson plans, respectively, from the 2007 Science Ambassador Workshop hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is one of the educational resources on the Washington State Courts website.

Explore how one may seek help, as well as get involved in preventing domestic and other kinds of violence by accessing several online examples of programs, services, and suggested readings that are listed under Online Resources.

Love Is Not Abuse is committed to stopping teen dating abuse before it happens.

LINA, as we like to call it, was originally founded by Fifth and Pacific [formerly Liz Claiborne].

Join Break the Cycle as we share important information and resources for caring adults.

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