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I learned that my barista was a former college professor who had given up teaching to sell lattes. A fellow Lyft rider had a degree in actuarial science but worked as an options trader for a large produce company. The man pouring cream in his coffee next to me at my favorite coffee shop was an assistant superintendent of Chicago’s Department of Streets and Sanitation.I learned he was heading out to face the aftermath of a gruesome overnight crash, but not before he gave me his card and offered his assistance “Should I ever need anything.” I couldn’t imagine what future sanitation emergency he could mitigate for me, but that short conversation had me smiling all morning.Quitting dating apps allowed me to see clearly the seductive, reductive, dating paradigm that held me captive.Like an addict, I’d been tantalized by the heady promise of “just one more swipe,” and removing that temptation revealed that there was much more to dating, and to life.

Sure, maybe a few bus passengers look annoyed that I’ve made eye contact (gasp!

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, then Parship is the right dating site for you.

Parship is the British branch of Europe's largest and most successful serious online service for professional dating, which members are predominantly affluent, educated men and women between 28 and 55 years old.

That said, while my number of IRL ask-outs has greatly increased, on a whole I’ve been on fewer dates. When relying on apps, I’d go out with just about anyone who asked.

Not having met him in person, I had little way of knowing if we'd mesh.

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