Liquidating a non profit

Our lawyers will be pleased to relieve you from the administrative burden caused by annual and ad hoc compliance matters, such as the approval of annual accounts, changes in membership, appointment or resignation of directors, drafting of general assembly or board minutes or assisting in the preparation of amendments to the bylaws or articles of association.We advise on organization and optimization of activities (non-profit versus commercial), financing (including gifts, legacies and subsidies), organization and voting procedures, director’s liability, winding up and liquidation and many other related subjects.The following fact sheet answers some commonly asked questions, including: On many occasions, the ending of an incorporated association will be done by the consent of the members and committee.Often, this will be the case where an organisation has been set up for a particular cause (eg, a group set up to oppose a planning development), and that cause is no longer relevant.Ending an organisation is different to merging or amalgamating with another association (where two or more organisations combine), although sometimes it may be necessary to bring an organisation to an end after a merger or amalgamation is complete.For detail on amalgamation, go to the Not-for-profit Law page on amalgamation.

The The method you use will primarily depend on the size and status of your organisation.

Contact your home jurisdiction registry office for information.

BC Corporate Registry Saskatchewan Corporate Registry If your corporation is from another province or country, you must submit a cancellation request.

Non-profit organizations often face the same types of legal issues as commercial entities.

We assist international and domestic non-profit clients (such as associations, foundations, hospitals, universities and governmental non-profit associations) in connection with all legal and tax aspects of the organisation of their activities in Belgium.

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We are happy to prepare all your legal documents, such as bylaws or articles of association, internal guidelines and rules of procedure, agreements, reports, powers of attorney, et cetera.

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