Matthew goode dating sophie dymoke

He matches Wasikowska for intense, staring-eyes-like-pools, where you're not quite sure what murky depths they descend to.

He has it in abundance, in both these recent projects – albeit to very different ends.This celebrity, born in the year 1978 on the 3rd of April has his biography in Wikipedia.He is very popular, and his popularity can be best seen on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.Sex and violence are inextricably intertwined in Park's tense, creepy modern Gothic horror, and Goode's smooth-surface manners mask a dangerous streak.It's this combo that proves a rather icky, sexual draw for both mother (a brittle, chilly Kidman) and daughter (a focused, freaky Wasikowska).

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It's no wonder, really, that Poliakoff thought he was obvious casting; in Dancing on the Edge, Goode is effectively the human equivalent of a raised eyebrow.

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