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Many cities all over the world have so called red-light districts.

Prostitution is sometimes referred to as "the world's oldest profession".

Wiki Sex Guide tells where are the street girl areas in each city and what kind of prices the girls are asking.

Usually the official RLDs have legal prostitution and unofficial RLDs have illegal prostitution.

The street prostitute is often dressed in a provocative manner.

Street prostitution is a form of prostitution in which a sex worker solicits customers from a public place, most commonly a street, while waiting at street corners or walking alongside a street, but also other public places such as parks, benches, bridges, highways, resting places, etc.

The out-of-doors world abounds with copyrighted works, and visual authorship is everywhere on display: giant visuals on buses, designs on T-shirts, public sculpture, caps with artsy graphics, advertising posters ...

Data Protection refers to the set of privacy laws, policies and procedures that aim to minimise intrusion into one's privacy caused by the collection, storage and dissemination of personal data.

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