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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission awarded Tamara Lusardi, a transgender civilian employee at Redstone Arsenal, an unspecified settlement, ruling that she "was subjected to disparate treatment on the basis of sex" when she was forced to use a unisex bathroom and referred to with male pronouns at the Army facility.Affirming steps The more than 15 transgender individuals spoke with across the state over the past three weeks attend private high schools and public colleges, are retired and hold down jobs at big-box retailers and Starbucks locations.I would basically try and have as little time between doing other things as I could," she said."It's like a baseline constant that you don't like your body." Conklin, who was born physically male, began cross-gender hormone replacement therapy on Christmas Day, embarking on the ongoing process of transitioning to female.The results of an online survey conducted the same year by the Alabama Safe Schools Coalition found that of 402 Alabama high school students who responded, 28 percent "heard derogatory language about someone's gender identity multiple times each day." Huntsville 16-year-old Cecil Eady identifies as agender and prefers to go by the pronoun "it," rather than "he" or "she." Eady says that falling under the transgender umbrella attracts hurtful bullying at school.

She left the lacquers in her car under the hot Alabama sun, and they went bad before she could use them, a risk she had not foreseen given her lack of experience with beauty products.

In December, Ohio teen Leelah Alcorn wrote a note on Tumblr decrying her parents' refusal to accept her transgender identity and criticizing societal attitudes toward transgender people before she committed suicide by walking in front of a moving truck. Blake Brockington, a transgender 18-year-old once crowned king of his Charlotte high school's prom, killed himself on March 23.

Ten days later, transgender 16-year-old Taylor Alesana, of Fallbrook, Calif., killed herself in the face of persistent bullying by her peers.

But the issue has led to a patchwork of responses across the nation.

Some states present more challenging environments than Alabama.

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"The speed at which [my friends] have adapted to it is impressive. And some of them have expressed how impressed they are with the way the school's acted. Now 52 years old, the Empire resident came out as transgender 27 years ago, and she has been undergoing cross-gender hormone replacement therapy for nearly 14 years. Though Childers says she has had an inkling of her true gender identity since she was a child, she didn't have the confidence to openly express it again until around the year 2000, when she first got an Internet connection and started meeting like-minded people in Yahoo! For her, being out as transgender represents the culmination of a long, difficult process.

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