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A lot of people tend to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to dating success; they think that they’re supposed to meet their One True Wuv and live in fairy-tale happiness ever after, and that’s just not how the universe works.

It’s very, unlikely that you’re going to meet a soulmate on the first try.

The more you put yourself out there, the more chances you have for success. Many rejections are either a result of poor performance or a fundamental incompatibility.

Now, I already hear the cynics among you saying “yes, and it gives you more opportunities to be shot down.” Which is true. In the case of the former, you can learn from it; failure is how you refine your approach.

They’re the ones who’re the most in demand, because they’re showing a level of confidence and an abundance mentality that is people noticed how they handled it. You know the guy: the one who’s pissed off and bitter about everything.

The better you can handle rejection, the easier dating will be for you. Give him a moment and he’ll talk your ear off about how life sucks and everything’s unfair, how women are cruel because they won’t give him a chance and it’s all about those 20% of guys who get to fuck 80% of the women and everyone else is just screwed man.

Dating is about 10% looks, 20% skill and 70% attitude.

Your attitude is, hands down, the biggest indicator of whether or not you’ll succeed in dating.

And often, your getting rejected That’s just life, and either you can get up and try again or you can just lay there and bleed.

You’ll have long email conversations on OKCupid that trail off and never lead to meeting in person.

You’ll have first dates that don’t go anywhere, second dates where won’t return your calls… But it’s also an inherent part of the process, and the sooner you recognize this, then the easier dating will be for you.

Here’s a secret though: the guys who can handle rejection with grace?

The ones who can take a “no, thanks” with a smile and a nod and move on?

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