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Giving invalid faction apparel to a companion will result in that companion immediately dropping the item (see Bugs for errors that occur with this); it is not returned, but must be picked up from the ground.This also applies to non-human companions who cannot wear armor, i.e. Only Boone and Veronica are able to carry or wear faction apparel.Because Nerve only affects DT and damage, companion quests that bestow other bonuses upon completion (such as movement speed) are potentially less effective for those with high Charisma.All permanent companions' default weapons have unlimited ammunition.Temporary followers are NPCs that can accompany the player character during quests, or they might even offer their support only for a limited time or within a certain area.

They only change gear if they are given gear that has a better Damage Threshold than their own outfits.Each companion also has a special attribute referred to in the game as Nerve.Nerve boosts the damage and Damage Threshold of each companion by 5% for each point of Charisma a character has.Skills can be leveled in various ways by doing tasks that is related to what the skill is.For example, weapons of their respective skill can be leveled by simply hitting things with it.

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Several remaining resources point to the game having at one point allowing the ability to have multiple humanoid companions.

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