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- It is issued to facilitate applicant's immediate ONE-WAY departure to Nigeria only, and is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.- Please do not apply for a Travel Certificate if your passport is valid or with a recognised authority in the United Kingdom N.B: Opening hours is 9.30am - 1pm and BOOKING APPOINTMENT IS NOT REQUIRED FOR ETC.Prosecutor Ruth Smith said small amounts spiralled into a fortune after he “brainwashed” women into believing they were in a real relationship.

Firstly, the AG favoured a loose confederacy of regions in the emergent Nigerian nation whereby each region would be in total control of its own distinct territory. It consistently supplied Nigeria with weapons, with the diplomatic disclaimer that these were "strictly for cash on a commercial basis". Although the Biafran offensives of were a tactical success, the Nigerians soon recovered.After being trafficked and forced into prostitution for years in Italy, she was repatriated and is now back in Benin City in southern Nigeria.Today, thanks to a local NGO, she manages a local shop not far from her hometown, a village on the outskirts of Benin City, the Nigerian city that has now become the main hub for sex trafficking between West Africa and Europe. "They promised me another job," she says, recalling her life on the street, where "they were going around at night, with guns.Some girls were killed and dumped in plastic bags".But if one woman escapes, many more remain trapped in a profession that has become the third biggest criminal enterprise in the country.

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