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I took one look at the list and ticked off a couple of jobs, but there was still a fair amount to do, I couldn’t be bothered, it was my day off work so I left it for her to do when she got back – that was possibly the worst mistake I have made in this marriage.

She got home from work and she took one look at the list and realized I’ve been sat on my ass all day and have barely done anything she nicely requested, she told me to cook my own dinner and then she stormed out of the house angrily knowing I’ve taken the piss out of her by not following simple instructions.

We Work takes a stand for Planet Earth, refuses to comp business meals that include meat.

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I panicked so I started screaming and shouting, seconds later she put a sock in my mouth and then taped it over, I could barely breathe out of my nose as it was.

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