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The announcement comes after Ireland law regarding public nudity was changed in 2017 to refer only to someone who is “intending to cause fear, distress or alarm” and engages in sexual activity.

But for those who would rather stay clothed, Gallagher insists that Hawk Cliff will still be open and welcoming to clothed swimmers.

The Richmond Police Department released body-cam footage showing the moment when an erratic naked man lunged at an officer who responded by fatally shooting the suspect.

The officer initially tries tasing the man but is unable to subdue the suspect.

In what will be the nation’s first “nudist-friendly” beach, Hawk Cliff in Dalkey is set to undergo the nudist makeover - and public notices are already set to be placed around the surrounding area by the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.

And this may be the start of a nudist revolution in Ireland, as the INA lobbies local authorities about putting up similar signs at other beaches - which would allow nudist beach-goers the right to strip.

Thirdly, speed dating is actually a bit like Tinder.

In my mind, it would be the equivalent of an impromptu Mad Men office party: suave men in suits and beautiful ladies in expensive shoes, each with his or her own black Amex.

I walked away with three key life lessons, which I’d like to share.

‘It’s up to me to make that happen, by being as welcoming as I can.’ Together, Tom and I scope out the venue, set up table numbers and chat through the night’s events before the guests arrive.

As is speed dating tradition, the ladies are seated, as the gentlemen walk from table to table with about three minutes to find love. If one man goes to the wrong table or someone skips a lady, everything can fall apart,’ says Tom.

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‘Some of the men have a tendency to wander off in whichever direction they choose.’ The guests start arriving, and the majority of them have come alone.

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