Obesity and dating

From 1990 to 2015, deaths related to high body mass increased 179 percent in Ghana, compared to an increase of 20 percent in the United States.

Further complicating the situation in Ghana, medication for high blood pressure is expensive and patients often ration it to save money.

Chief among the corporate players is KFC, and its parent company, YUM!

, which have muscled northward from South Africa — where KFC has about 850 outlets and a powerful brand name — throughout sub-Saharan Africa: to Angola, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana and beyond.

KFC has also launched a marketing campaign called “Streetwise” — a series of ads and meals it had introduced in South Africa and elsewhere that are designed to appeal to a first generation of middle-class consumers looking for new experiences.

In Ghana, the campaign aims at “hustlers and influencers,” as executives called them, who rose from the streets and climbed the social ladder.

And the more times they ate fast food, the higher the risk of death from heart disease.

Studies like these can be challenging to interpret, nutrition experts said, because people who eat fast food can have poor dietary habits, but this study sought to isolate fast food by factoring out many other issues, like sleep, exercise and even consumption of local fried foods.

The company, they said, has worked to make their menu more diverse and healthier.“That’s why we provide consumers choice,” said Andrew Havinga, who runs the supply chain for KFC’s Africa division. Also crucial: mixing local culture with flavors company executives repeatedly called “aspirational.” In Ghana, KFC’s menu includes chicken and fries along with a version of jollof rice, a locally beloved spicy dish made with peppers and onions.“People come to us for the exotic, international American brand and we don’t want to water that down,” Mr. “If we made the menu entirely local we’d lose the aspiration.”Affordability is another key ingredient.New ads debuted in May for the Streetwise 2 — two pieces of chicken, fries and a Coke — with the popular local singer Ko-Jo Cue holding a sign that says, “It’s thanks to the streets that I became a winner.”The health effects of fast food are challenging to study, particularly in the United States.That’s because burgers, fries, fried chicken, pizzas and milkshakes get served all over the place, not just in traditional fast food joints, making it hard to establish the specific influence of fast food on obesity. One large-scale study, done in Singapore as it grew economically and attracted Western fast food chains, offers evidence that the arrival of Mc Donald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut, among others, posed a serious health risk.National health insurance lags in its coverage of other diet-related diseases such as diabetes; it doesn’t cover devices to monitor blood sugar or some of the medicine to treat the side effects of diabetes.The nation’s health system lacks a sufficient number of specialists, counselors and dietitians, let alone doctors. Laar, the lecturer from the University of Ghana, said the lack of proper care meant that some people would live with metabolic syndrome until they dropped.“It’s common that you’ll see someone just pass out and die,” she said.

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The “finger lickin’ good” slogan caught his attention and it has lived up to expectations.

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