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Along the way the player will be hit with (usually negative) random events, which can range from one of the wagon's wheels breaking, requiring a brief stop and a spare, to a member of the party being stricken with dysentery or cholera, usually leading to death not long after.

In 2012 Hufford chaired a panel and presented a paper on Natural Histories of Spirituality and Therapeutics at the 3rd World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry in London.There are few opportunities to re-stock equipment after setting off, barring a few Native American trading posts and some extortionate stores in forts and towns along the trail.The player can always supplement their food supply by playing a fun hunting minigame (providing they remembered to bring enough bullets).The Oregon Trail is an educational game that tasks the player with completing an arduous wagon trek from Independence, Missouri to the Willamette Valley in Oregon.It was designed primarily to teach schoolchildren about the experiences of 19th century pioneers colonizing the west coast of the USA, but its engaging and challenging gameplay is head and shoulders above many games billed as "educational".

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For that reason, Erik has become a very active promoter of the NDE story.

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  1. Back in May, David Hogg partnered with the New York–based organization Head Count to organize registration drives in about 1,000 high schools across 46 states.