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Today's precocious preteens often shock parents when they begin to act like teenagers. They’ll astonish you with their ability to conceptualize, to argue brilliantly, and then to do foolish things.

The Middle School years are a time of magical blossoming, but like all huge transitions in our kids' lives, they’re filled with ups and downs.

What can you do to prevent your kids from developing eating disorders?

Parents are the most important influence on whether kids drink alcohol, and the earlier you start these conversations, the better.

The biggest danger for parents is trying to parent through power instead of through relationship, thus eroding their bond and losing their influence on their child as she moves into the teen years.

The bad news is that your tween’s developing body is flooded by hormones, her need to discover herself and her place in the world takes precedence over the other things she values (like her family and schoolwork), and she probably can’t acknowledge how much she still loves and needs you.Bullying begins in preschool and gains momentum as kids grow.Depending on which survey you read, between 40 and 80 percent of middle schoolers admit to bullying behavior.Not only is Bullying pervasive, it has become increasingly dangerous, so that children are committing suicide or being beaten to death by their bulliers. The good news is that bullying is preventable, and you can bully-proof your child -- and keep him from becoming a bully.In this culture, with its emphasis on thinness and junk food consumption, 23% of girls and 6% of boys have eating disorders.

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Ten tips for practicing positive parenting at your house.

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