Photostream folder on pc not updating updating gal exchange 2016

And even if they do not have this feature, you can manually copy the photos.The downside to using the cloud comes if you have limited storage space on your cloud account.You can sync photos using i Tunes, but that copies entire photos at a time.If you want more fine control over how you transfer your photos to your PC, there are a few methods you can use.However, you won't be able to select the exact photos to transfer.

If I were a Windows users, I'd probably be looking to something like Google Photos over Apple's offering, as it provides a much more robust set of browser-based photo management features, and works pretty seamlessly on the i OS device side as well -- it can almost be a complete replacement for the built-in Photos app.Most free accounts only allow a limited amount of storage space.To get around this, you may have to go to your PC and manually move the photos out of the cloud storage area and onto the computer's file system.In Windows 7, you may be able to import them by connecting your i Pad to the PC, opening "My Computer" and navigating to the i Pad in the Devices and Drives area.If you right-click the i Pad, you should get an "Import Pictures and Videos" option.

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I wanted to sync a folder of pictures from one PC to the UPLOAD folder in Photostream of another PC that should then upload those pics to Apples servers.

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