Rapper eve dating a white man

All I know is that I’ve been a fan of Harry the Heartthrob for more than a minute.

— that will go on in advance of the royal wedding, there is one more exciting piece of this modern-day fairy tale: a woman of color — a 36-year-old, divorced American black woman — has straight-up landed herself a real-life prince! This news is particularly heartwarming when black women are constantly inundated with purported statistics that try to prove we won’t get the happily ever after.

Even motivational speaker, entrepreneur and best selling author, Farrah Gray, weighed in on the topic of black women marrying white men in an article titled “Black Men Are Outraged” following Eve’s marriage.

Check out some of the responses from tweeters displaying their public reactions over Eve and Cooper’s new marriage.

In the same month, “House of Payne” actor Lance Gross posted a photo to Instagram of himself and a group of his guy friends getting cozy during a holiday retreat with their very attractive, and very fair-skinned (maybe white? The outrage and animus sparked by this image was jaw-dropping to say the least, and highly hypocritical in comparison to the positive reaction that Williams’ engagement received.

This dichotomy suggests that it’s permissible for black women to find “love” outside of their race, but when black men do the same, it’s perceived as an act of betrayal.

(Insert That means Markle will be the first woman of color to enter the notoriously stodgy British monarchy.

This 33-year-old Highness brings out the cougar in me.

*I’m getting straight to the point, last year (December, 2016), when the news broke of Serena Williams’ engagement to a white internet mogul, the tennis pro and habitual “swirler” received a thorough outpouring of support and congratulations from her fans, many of whom are female and African American.In 2014, actor Omari Hardwick was forced to defend the honor of his Caucasian wife after black women called her ugly all across social media.Earlier last year, Taye Diggs appeared on a daytime talk show and was pressured into defending his decision to marry a white woman.“The negative cycle — especially in dating — sucks us in,” said Pax Tandon, a Philadelphia positive psychology expert and wellness coach.“It becomes a vortex or self-fulfilling prophecy that will become your reality if you let it.” But that’s why Markle’s engagement news is giving me life: She’s helping to change this sad narrative into a fairy tale.

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Eve and Cooper’s wedding has sparked outrage and praise in mixed reactions over social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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