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His breakthrough role came in Triumph in the Skies as the cool younger brother.After being named TVB Most Improved Actor in 2004 for his role in Twin of Brothers, he was voted Super Idol by TVB weekly and My Favourite TV character in Astro Wah Lai Toi TV Awards in 2005. ” Besides Tavia, Linda also met up with Myolie Wu, and even shared her experience on motherhood.When asked if she had asked for tips on motherhood, Myolie said, “I didn’t have to ask and she herself just shared.“The girls and I just talked and decided to wait for Linda to announce it herself when it’s time” As for Eliza Sam, she is also not sure if the news is true.

Influenced by his sister’s love of dancing, Ron trained as a dancer and then transitioned into acting.

He began his acting career in 1998 with small roles and has enjoyed a long career of popular film and television roles.

Some of his recent popular roles include “OL Supreme” (2010), “Wax and Wane” (2011), “Forensic Heroes III” (2011), “L’Escargot” (2012) and “My Best Ex-Boyfriend” (2015).

During her stay in Hong Kong, she also took chance to meet up with her close friends and let them meet up with baby Kelly. Thank you for sharing and teaching me all your knowledge about motherhood.

Tavia Yeung posted a photo of herself with Linda and daughter. Finally meet up with beautiful mummy Linda and her cute Kelly B. So happy for you and I hope I can ask you more soon.” Myolie attended an event and shared about her gathering with Linda.

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In May this year, Linda announced her pregnancy on the Mother’s Day.

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