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We were looking for something different to do, while we were on vacation, and we found it. -Todd Djtootall Parrish It was close to my husband Joe’s Birthday. If you want to do something super fun and out of this world, try this for sure!!!! -Cynthia Myers Hakos Little did we know that my 80 year old father-in-law has a bucket list.

Not only was it fun just being on the airboat but Capt David was knowledge about wildlife and the area, not to mention the places we got to go were just breathtakingly beautiful. We discovered this when he told us at breakfast a week ago that one of the things on his bucket list was to ride on an airboat.

I highly recommend it…we’ll worth your $$$ and time!!!

He taught me how to drive the boat, which was so cool!

He takes his time to explain where we are going and to answer any questions that you may have along the way!

Nevertheless, I set about contacting my friend Marcia Karr who is engaged to Captain David Erdman, owner of Boggy Bayou Airboat Tours.

After several discussions, we were booked for Friday, June 24th for a sunset tour.

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Before starting the tour he talked to us about safety issues & the capabilities of the boat.

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