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Scott's flawed habit of keeping important information from people who deserve to know also extends to not telling Allison the truth surrounding how her mother died and not informing Kira that something odd was going on with her fox even when Kira asked him about it.He usually does not keep secrets out of malice, but because he views it as his responsibility to shoulder the burden for other people even though they deserve to know the truth.Scott has an amicable and trusting nature, generally always willing to give most people the benefit of the doubt and see the best in them, but not always.

Similarly, he stuck with his initial impression of Theo Raeken from when they were little, unimpressed about his best friend Stiles' gut feeling that something was off about him, eventually leading to Scott trusting Theo over Stiles.Scott goes along with his pack to stop the Deadpool and save his friends from death, whilst contemplating whether or not he should resort to being a killer, firmly deciding the latter in the end.In Season 5, Scott leads his pack in the battle against the Dread Doctors but they're repeatedly outmatched and his rash judgment costs him the faith and trust of his pack.In Season 3, Scott undergoes a druid sacrifice, along with Stiles and Allison, to take Melissa's place as a guardian to save her from the Darach, which reawakens the Nemeton.He rises to alpha rank by becoming a True Alpha, forms his pack and takes up the role of protecting the town and the people of Beacon Hills.

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Scott's abilities occasionally do not work consistently and can be severely depleted beyond what has been seen with most other werewolves. When Scott was only a toddler, Rafael divorced Melissa and left the family.

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