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Since i was interested in astronomy andastrology, I thought Halley would be a good name.

As part of this agreement, the Japanese government requested that the U. military bases remain in Japan, and agreed to provide funds and various interests specified in the Status of Forces Agreement.

Asked what they thought about 62% of United States Forces Japan bases (exclusive use) being concentrated in Okinawa, 50% said that the number should be reduced, 41% said that the bases should be removed.

Asked about the US-Japan security treaty, 55% said it should be changed to a peace treaty, 14% said it should be abolished and 7% said it should be maintained.

After the Japanese surrender in the end of World War II in Asia, the United States Armed Forces assumed administrative authority in Japan.

The Japanese Imperial Army and Navy were decommissioned, and the U. Armed Forces took control of their military bases until the new government could be formed and positioned to reestablish authority.

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