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The trial court ruled that just because the material was on the computer did not make it relevant, but if testimony linked the material with the victim, then “I think you should make an objection at the proper time.” Defense counsel said he would object “at that time.”Waters subsequently testified that Playboy, Sexhound, and Sextracker Internet sites had been accessed from the classroom computer.

At the hearing on the motion, the state contended that this information was relevant because evidence would show that Joines had shown pornography to the victim on the classroom computer.

Joines contends that the evidence was highly prejudicial and irrelevant because it included pornography sites.

The trial court did not err in denying his motion to suppress. Joines contends the trial court erred in admitting evidence of alleged pornography sites which had been accessed from his classroom computer. Joines filed a motion in limine to prevent witnesses from referring to the printout prepared by Waters showing the Internet sites that had been accessed from the computer in Joines's classroom.

A prior consistent statement is admissible only where (1) the veracity of a witness's trial testimony has been placed in issue at trial; (2) the witness is present at trial; and (3) the witness is available for cross-examination. P.'s cross-examination and was not a bolstering of L. The trial court did not err in overruling Joines's hearsay objection. This is not a fair characterization of Goodpastor's testimony. The state objected to the argument because there was no evidence that Goodpastor showed the box of condoms to L. Joines claims the trial court erred in sustaining the state's objection because his counsel's argument was based on an inference that could be drawn from the evidence. The permissible scope of closing argument is vast: counsel may draw from the evidence properly before the factfinder any inference apparently reasonable and legitimate. was coached as to the dates, and (2) she changed her story about the condoms, that it can be reasonably inferred that Goodpastor had shown L. And while it might be inferred that Goodpastor helped L. convert her recollections into actual dates, showing L. a box of condoms would not have helped in that process.

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We conclude that the trial court did not err in this process.

Joines argues that he took appropriate measures to prevent the jury from hearing the prejudicial evidence of pornography on his classroom computer by filing a motion in limine to exclude it, but that the evidence was heard by the jury and the harm done despite the trial court's curative instruction.

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And another incident was before spring break of 2001. told him about the timing of the alleged incidents. P.'s prior statement of what occurred was consistent with the dates she testified to on direct and which were directly challenged during cross-examination.

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