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If you’re in a relationship, you might want to check out these funny roses are red poems!Amidst writing a super lame New Years post, I had a sudden urge to write something of superior quality – the best Tinder chat up lines.If that isn’t enough evidence to give these funny pick up lines a try, then you’re definitely doomed.Oh, and if these lines don’t work (pro tip) at least put your Instagram account in your bio for some free likes and followers from your matches.You're backpacking through Europe and have a mobile signal everywhere you go, but texting while roaming can make for an astronomical phone bill at the end of the month. Send messages between Whats App users for free and save that extra money for waffles in Belgium or something. Whats App lets you send and forward text messages to single contacts and within group chats with instant ease. Sometimes, however, you need the whole squad on board. Receiving messages in Whats App is the same as receiving regular texts.Just switched from your usual messaging app and have no idea how to send or receive messages? Just don't forget that if you're using Whats App without a Wi-Fi connection, you could be racking up data charges.

For example, instead of typing out "are", someone may only type "r." Although chat slang can be easier for you and sometimes faster to type, it makes it difficult to read and most people will ignore you.Again, I hope that these are the best Tinder chat up lines you’ve ever seen.If they aren’t then the comment box is about 5,000 pixels below these images.With that being said, I’m not here to talk about the dynamics of using chat up lines.On the other hand, they seem to work for me on Tinder.

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